Auto Pet Feeder - Frequently Asked Questions

The following should tell you everything you need to know to decide whether or not our Auto Pet Feeders will meet your needs and which one you should buy to suit your particular pet's needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need to know something not covered here.

Q: Can I feed cats and dogs?
A: You can feed cats, dogs, ferrets, pigs and any pet that eats dry pellet food.

Q: What size feeder should I purchase?
A: Small - for pets weighing up to 15 pounds
Medium - for pets weighing between 15 and 40 pounds
Large - for pets weighing 40 pounds or more

Q: How much pet food can I store in the feeder?
A: Small - 5 Pounds
Medium - 10 Pounds
Large - 20 Pounds
All approximations.

Q: What kind of pet food can I feed in the feeder?
A: You can feed only dry food in the feeder. The dry foods cannot be greater than 3/4 inch or 18 mm in dimensions in length, width or height.

Q: How much food does the Autopetfeeder feed?
A: The Autopetfeeder is an electronic programmable pet food feeder. It comes in three sizes so that you can choose the feed rate for your pet. You can program the timer in one minute increments and to feed your pet 8 times a day.
The feed rates for the various sizes are:
Large - mimimum feed per minute is 1/2 cup.
Medium - minimum feed per minute is 3/8 cup.
Small - minimum feed per minute is 3/16 cup.

Q: Is the timer easy to program?
A: The Autopetfeeder comes with a digital timer that can be easily programmed in a few minutes. The timer also features a manual override button if you wish to give some more food to your pet occasionally. The manual override button can also shut off the timer, enabling you to take your pet with you out of town for a few days. The timer will remember the programs till you get back and activate the auto mode. The timer comes with a battery backup to retain the programs in memory.

Q: Does the pet feeder get jammed?
A: It is possible that larger pet feeds greater that 3/8 inch can jam the small feeder, greater than 3/4 inch can jam the medium feeder and greater than 7/8 inch can jam the large feeder.

Q: How does the feeder work?
A: The feeder consists of a feed storage container and a feeder assembly housing. The electric motor that drives the feeder is controlled by a timer and you can set the amount of feed and the time of feed on the timer.

Q: What happens if my pet does not eat all of the food?
A: It's quite natural for pets to eat a little more or less each time they feed. If there is some food left over in the bowl after one feed cycle, your pet will probably eat the leftover food during the next feed cycle. The feeder will always put out a certain amount of food at a certain time of day. If you notice that your pet has leftovers in the bowl and the leftover quantity increases during every feed cycle, then you have either set the time for too much feed and or your pet may be ill. You should at that point reduce the feed time and continue to watch your pet's habits.

Q: How do I clean the feeder?
A: Turn off the feeder and disconnect the timer from the wall socket. Empty the feeder of all feed. Using a sponge and water, wipe the plastic container and the feeder housing. Do not try to take apart the motor and its housing for cleaning. Do not power up the motor to clean the insides of the feed unit. Do not immerse in water to clean the feeder. The feed storage container and the bowl may be washed in running water. Allow time for all parts to dry before reusing feeder.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of the Autopetfeeder?
A: All components in the feeder are made of rubber, plastic and plated steel.

Q: Is there a safety interlock?
A: The feeders are all provided with a safety interlock switch. In the event the bottle/storage container is removed from the base, the Autopetfeer is disabled.

Q: Is there a safety hazard for the pets?
A: There is no safety hazard for the pets. All moving components and housing are in an inaccessible area. The electric cord is protected by a flexible metal cover to prevent pets from chewing on the cord.

Q: Is the Autopetfeeder UL approved?
A: The Autopetfeeder is UL approved and the file# is 5GX3.

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