Dogtra Remote Trainers and Bird Launchers

Dogtra Remote Trainers and Bird Launchers

Power, range and durability that hold up to any hunting environment.


Remote Training Shock Collars consist of 2 main components: a Receiver that comes attached to an all-weather Collar and a Hand-held Remote Control Transmitter that sends signals to the Receiver.

Remote Training Shock Collars are designed to assist in the training and the behavior modification of your dog. You control the Hand-held Remote Transmitter and its training signals (static shock) sending corrective action to your dog’s Receiver Collar in order to reinforce obedience commands and stop unwanted behaviors. Your dog will quickly learn to avoid the corrective signals by eliminating bad behaviors and by listening to your commands!

At the push of a button, the Hand-held Remote Transmitter sends a signal activating the Receiver Collar to deliver a startling but harmless stimulation. Using a Remote Trainer consistently and correctly, many misbehaviors that your pet exhibits such as digging, chewing on furniture, jumping on guests, chasing cars or barking can be corrected and any basic obedience commands such as the "come" and "sit" commands can be taught. With proper training, a dog will learn to associate this correction signal with a command even when off the leash. As every pet owner knows, proper training can help a pet learn amazing things. But like anything rewarding, It takes time and patience to reach your desired goal. Consistent training makes all the difference.

A complete, comprehensive training manual comes with each of our Remote Trainers to show you how to properly use the Remote Trainer to make training a fun and rewarding experience for both the pet and the pet owner. Consistent training during the first few weeks is the best way to ensure a well-trained pet – and a happy owner.

Dogtra is a world leader in electronic dog training products. Focusing on durability and superior electronics, Dogtra offers a full line of e-collars for all breeds and all sizes. Dogtra also manufactures a full line of bark control collars, remote bird launchers and pet containment systems.

Dogtra training collars give you the ability to communicate with your dog in a timely manner even when your dog is far away from you. This makes it much easier for your dog to learn lessons because late corrections are very confusing to the dog.



Studies conducted by animal health professionals at Dogtra Company’s training facilities showed no adverse effects to the cardiovascular or nervous systems of dogs from e-collar stimulation. These studies involved healthy dogs in a controlled environment.

Here's what some of the country's top trainers are saying about Dogtra's Remote Trainers:

"Like a faithful retriever, the Dogtra training collars will not let you down, even in the harshest elements."
~ Pete Fischer - Pheasants Forever Magazine Columnist and Fischer's Kennels
Albany, Minnesota.

"Like a good dog, the Dogtra training collars are reliable, durable and easy to handle."
~ Jerry Patopea - Utopia Retriever Kennel, Junction City, Oregon.

"Training collars take loads of abuse; Dogtra stands up better than the rest!"
~ Jason Dommeyer - Cannon River Kennels, Randolph, Minnesota.

"The innovation and dependability of the Dogtra training collars enable me to individualize each dog's program for every training situation."
~ Wayne Curtis - Fox Hollow Kennel, Mondovi, Wisconsin.

"I've tried them all and Dogtra is the best."
~ John Riggle Training Kennel, Lebanon Junction, Kentucky

"We train exclusively with Dogtra. I have tried all the other collars and there is NO COMPARISON in quality and in simplicity."
~ Keith Gulledge - Blue Dawn kennels
Madison, Kansas.

"Finally a training collar that is reliable and affordable from a company that listens to their customers."
~ Steve Ries - Top Gun Kennel
Central City, Iowa.

"Working every day as a professional hunting guide, I know what lasts in the field. Dogtra combines incredible durability and innovation."
~ Erik Guggenheim - Ranger Creek Ranch
Seymour, Texas.

"We train people all around the world to use collars and by far, the vast majority of them are using Dogtra collars. Dogtra's sleek designs, their ability to stay up with the newest in technologies and their ability to listen to the consumer, has kept them on top!!!"
~ Fred Hassen
The "No Limitations" program has had tremendous success in using Dogtra remote collars with their versatility, reliability and state of the art design. Please join us and listen in!!!

"Within the Dogtra line of electronic collars, there is a collar that is suited to your dog and your training needs. These collars are safe, reliable and effective. With them, you have the tools you need to work your dog toward your goals with maximum training efficiency."
~ Pat Nolan - Ponderosa Kennels, Smithsburg, MD.
Twenty-five years experience training retrievers as shooting companions and for Hunt Tests and Field Trials

"Dogtra’s innovations like the pseudo-electric (non-stimulating pager) and smooth graduation rheostat intensity control have taken e-collar training to the next level. We have used Dogtra with every kind of dog, from Terriers to Great Danes."
~ Kelly Blackwell - Diamond Bar Kennels, Florida.

"Dogtra is the most dependable, user-friendly e-collar on the market."
Fred Hassen - professional trainer

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