Dogtra 2300 NCP Advance Remote Trainer System

Dogtra 2300 NCP Advance Remote Trainer System
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Combination Training & Beeper

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The Next Generation of Compact Training & Beeper collars, designed for the serious upland hunter.

new 2500 T&B's beeper horn is built into the receiver and eliminates the bulky horn that sits on top of your dog's head like other beeper units. Features include 127 levels of nick and constant stimulation, a one mile range and 400 yard beeper activation. The beeper's locate only mode has 2 tones, while the run/point & point modes have 2 tones that can each adjust to 3 different volume levels. An LCD window on the transmitter displays the intensity level of the collar and has a battery life indicator. Fully waterproof transmitter & receiver also have 2 hour rapid charge batteries. The 2500 T&B... Powerful and compact, with the most advanced beeper technology, make this the World's Finest Training & Beeper Collar.

The new 2500 T&B Series remote training system will give you the ability to keep track of your dog’s location when he/she is out of sight or on point. The new 2500 T&B Series is also a training collar that can be used for behavior management.

Dogtra training & beeper collars are waterproof, lightweight, and reliable. They are built to withstand the most rugged conditions that your dog may encounter. The beeper has an audible 400-yard range, which may vary with tough terrain and wind conditions.


Dogtra's 2500 T&B Remote Trainer System offers 2 different kinds of stimulation:

Pressing the "Nick" button causes the receiver to emit a very short single pulse of electrical stimulation. It automatically shuts off in a fraction of a second no matter how long the button is held down. The Nick is used as a substitute for leash corrections when the dog is off lead. The Nick is mild but motivating!

Pressing the "Constant" button causes the collar to emit electrical stimulation that stays
on for up to 12 seconds as long as the button is held down. "Constant" stimulation is
used as a reserve high for stopping power to stop unsafe behaviors such as chasing animals or cars. The maximum duration is 12 seconds at which time an automatic power-down circuit will activate and the collar/receiver will turn off. The collar will reactivate when you push the button again.

Exclusive Features:

  • Easy to use. Controls on the Dogtra training collars are designed so that any dog owner can operate them. No pre-programming needed.
  • Pocket-sized Hand-held Transmitter that features user-friendly controls.
  • Fully waterproof Transmitter and Receiver.
  • Ergonomic trainer's transmitter is small and fits the hand well with a non-clumsy feel and glove-use buttons for a no-look feel during inclement weather.
  • All intensity level adjustments are done from a digital dial on the Hand-held Transmitter using Dogtra's patented rheostat intensity control that provides an infinite number of settings. One is the lowest setting and 127 is the highest. The dial works like a rheostat, gradually increasing the intensity graduating up to the necessary level in a linear progression (no steps or increments) with no jumps between intensity levels. The intensity selection dial is located on the top of the Transmitter. In the fully counter clockwise position - ”zero” setting, no electrical stimulation occurs even when the Transmitter button is pressed (a safety feature). Moving the dial from the zero setting in a clockwise manner, electrical stimulation will begin at a lower setting. Continuing clockwise will increase the stimulation level in a linear progression - no steps or increments up to the highest level (127). Conversely, moving the dial counter-clockwise, the level reduces in a downward linear progression until at the “zero” setting (fully counter-clockwise). This feature allows for subtle adjustment of the level (upward of downward) while the Transmitter button is held down continuously - providing e-linear training.
  • Dogtra's T&B combination training/beeper collars are waterproof, lightweight and reliable. They are built to withstand the most rugged conditions that dogs often encounter.
  • The use of a sound booster element makes the beeper easier to hear from further away. The beeper's audio range is 400 yards. However, the actual distance from which any beeper can be heard will vary depending on your position relative to your dog and the direction of the wind.
  • The use of microcomputer technology, digital circuitry and Lithium-Polymer batteries make both the Receiver and Transmitter compact and very reliable.
  • The Dogtra 2500 T&B features reliable stimulation controlled from the Transmitter. It also has a remote beeper with 3 beeper modes: "Run/Point", "Point" and "Locate".
    - In Run/Point Mode, the collar will emit a slow beep when the dog is running, and resume to a rapid beep when the dog is on point. (3) levels within the high tone (H3-high, H2-medium, H1-soft), and within the low tone (L3-high, L2-medium, and L1-soft).
    - In Point Mode, the collar will remain silent while the dog is running. When the dog goes on point, it will begin to emit sounds.
  • Tri-color LED Battery Life Indicator to show the remaining battery life.
  • Features a new, innovative Beeper Volume Control. You may now select between 2 different tones and 3 volume levels for each tone.
  • Rechargeable 2-hour rapid charge Lithium-Polymer battery.
  • Reliable stimulation effective for all types of dogs no matter how heavy the coat.
  • Trainer can control 2 different dogs from one transmitter with our 2 dog model - the 2502 T&B. The collars are color-coded and you select between collars with a toggle switch located on the transmitter. Set the toggle switch on the Green position to select the Green collar and the Orange position
    to select the Orange collar. Stimulation (Nick and Constant) along with the beeper and locate modes will only operate when the toggle is in the desired position for the appropriate receiver/collar.
  • The “Locate” button causes the collar’s beeper horn to emit a series of beeps when pushed and it gives you the ability to keep track of your dog’s location. On one-dog models, the beeper can be adjusted between high and low tones. NOTE: The high/low tone is not an option on two dog units. On two-dog models, the Green collar emits the high tone and the Orange collar the low tone automatically.
  • Digital electronics and long-lasting user-replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Polymer batteries featured in Transmitter and Receiver.
  • No bothersome external antenna on the collar/receiver.
  • One-charging system allows the Transmitter and Receiver(s) to be charged at the same time.
  • Over 8000 different identity codes to prevent conflicts caused by signal match-up with other e-collars.
  • Easily visible blue LCD screen displays the exact level of stimulation and can even be seen clearly
    in the dark.
  • A filtering system prevents unwanted reception from outside sources.
  • 1 mile range on the training collar and a 1/4 mile range on the beeper activation.
  • A heavy duty 3.2" antenna is supplied to be screwed into the top of the Hand-held Transmitter to ensure that the signals are sent properly to the Receiver and that maximum range is attained. No external antenna on the Receiver. The antenna is inside the Receiver.
  • Collar strap length 1" x 29". Longer straps sold separately.
  • 5/8" stainless steel contact points. Can be ordered with 3/4", 1/2" or 1" at no extra charge. Please contact us prior to purchase at if you would like to have different size contact points shipped with this unit.
  • Metal belt clip already attached to Transmitter.
  • All models include lanyard already attached to Transmitter.
  • Initial Batteries, Battery Charger and splitter cable included.
  • U.S. Patents.


Our 2500 T&B and 2502 T&B kits come complete with a Hand-held Transmitter, Dog Collar with Receiver, Initial Batteries, Battery Charger with splitter cable, Test Light and Operating Instructions Manual and Carrying Case. The Battery Charger and charging cables allow you to charge both the Transmitter and Receiver at the same time. The Battery Charger is designed for a 110 volt wall outlet.

A European 220 volt AC charger is available for an extra US $4.95 all European orders. Please refer to the top of this page to include one with this purchase.

A 12-volt field charger for your automobile is also available for an extra US $14.95. Please refer to the top of this page to include one with this purchase.


Please note that Dogtra collars are not intended for use on dogs weighing less than 10 pounds or less than 6 months of age. In deciding which collar is the right one for your dog, please note that it is always best to have a unit that has some power in reserve for critical training situations and also for when your dog matures.




Please click here to read our comprehensive Guide to Electronic Dog Training.




Please click here to read about some of the Myths and Common Misinformation surrounding Remote Training Collars, Pet Containment Systems and Bark Control Collars.





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If you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason, you may return it within 21 days for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping charge. SHIPPING AND HANDLING ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. Items displaying excessive wear are not eligible for a refund.

Dogtra Company provides the original purchaser a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY for the 175NCP, 200 Series, 280 Series, 1800 Series, 2300 Series, 2500T&B Series and 3500 Series on parts (excluding batteries) from the date of the original purchase. Labor is covered for 2 years after purchase. Once the labor warranty has expired, all repairs will incur a variable labor charge depending on the extent of work required. We highly recommend filling out the warranty registration card that comes with your Dogtra unit and mailing it in along with a copy of your receipt or registering your product online at the manufacturer's website within 30 days of purchase in order to qualify for the Limited Lifetime Warranty. If your product registration is not completed within 30 days of purchase and/or the product is resold, the Limited Lifetime Warranty will become void and all repairs will be subject to applicable labor fees.

Dogtra DOES NOT replace defective units or provide refunds after 30 days from date of purchase.

Dogtra's warranty DOES NOT cover repairs or replacement due to misuse, improper maintenance or lost units. Any water damage on Water Resistant Transmitters 175NCP, 200NCP, 202NCP will not be covered. All replacement costs for either the transmitter or receiver are the owner's responsibility.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty will expire 5 years from the date a unit is discontinued in production by Dogtra Company.

Batteries, or the labor to replace them, are NOT covered under the warranty after the first year.

The warranty is void if the unit has been altered or an unauthorized person has attempted repair work.

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