Dogtra PL Remote Pheasant Bird Launcher System

Dogtra PL Remote Pheasant Bird Launcher System
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Dogtra's Bird Launcher Systems are great tools to help train your hunting dog. Bird launchers help train dogs to hold a point or stop to flush. They also enable you to train a dog by yourself.

The PL launcher is designed for pheasant-size game birds or can be used for launching dummies for a short distance. The PL handles large birds with ease.

Our Remote Launcher system has a remote controlled launcher that uses a transmitter and receiver to release the launcher. It also has a sound locator horn that enables you to find a launcher in heavy cover in the field. *



Our QL/PL bird launcher systems are great tools to help train your hunting dog to stop at the sight of a bird flying up from cover instead of chasing it. Dogtra launchers allow you to easily adjust the spring tension for a very quiet launch for younger dogs or for a stronger lauch to throw birds higher for older dogs.

The Dogtra Remote Release System features a transmitter that allows you to remotely launch birds or small dummies from up to 1/2 mile away. The versatile transmitter can be programmed to operate (release) as many as 8 remote controlled launcher units by turning the transmitter selector dial to the number that corresponds with the number on the launcher.

The remote release receiver is equipped with a locating horn that allows you to quickly locate the launcher in heavy cover in the field. Just push the transmitter locate button. The transmitter antenna sends transmissions from the transmitter to the receiver. A flexible antenna on the receiver receives transmissions from the transmitter. A duck call sound button which will cause the locating horn on the launcher to emit a loud authentic Mallard Duck sound instead of a beep/tone is also available. (Please refer to the top of this page to order.)

In addition to the Dogtra Launcher, the Dogtra Remote Release System can be used to activate many different kinds of bird launchers on the market today. When attached to their launchers or bird throwing systems, the Dogtra sound attraction system is an excellent "attention getter". The sound attraction is often substituted for a popper gun or duck call. Push the Locate button on the transmitter and a sound is emitted from the launcher receiver. Dogs learn to cue off this sound very quickly. For those who train alone, the Dogtra sound attraction system is a great help. The transmitter has a locate button and a launch button. A rotary dial with click stops allows you to select from launchers 1 through 8. You can add launchers to your system at any time up to a maximum of 8.





Exclusive Features:

  • Launcher box and bird cradle are designed for maximum air flow for scent distribution.
  • Quiet launch prevents dogs from being startled by a loud release noise. (not compatible with sling shot or other types of throwing mechanisms which allow for use of a 22 blank or primer)
  • Adjustable spring tension allows adjustment of throwing height.
  • Ergonomic trainer's Hand-held Transmitter is small and fits the hand well with a non-clumsy feel and glove-use buttons for a no-look feel during inclement weather.
  • Flexible antenna on Receiver.
  • Easy to use. Controls on the Dogtra training collars are designed so that any dog owner can operate them. No pre-programming needed.
  • Our Electronic Remote Release system has the same quality digital state-of-the-art electronics found in our Dogtra training collars.
  • Digital electronics and long-lasting user-replaceable and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries featured in Hand-held Transmitter and Receiver.
  • Handheld Transmitter is fully waterproof and the Receivers are water resistant.
  • 1/2 mile range reception capability.
  • Launcher Size: 13.2" x 6.9" x 6.9".
  • Up to 8 receivers controlled from the same transmitter and each receiver can lauch 2 baskets. Please refer to the top of this page to order our 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 launcher systems.
  • Can be purchased with or without the Electronic Remote Release. Please refer to the top of this page to order this PL Bird Launcher System without the Electronic Remote Release.
  • * The Locator Horn on the Receiver emits a loud sound when the Transmitter's Locate Button is pressed to help you find the Launcher in heavy cover. You have a choice between a standard beep/tone and an authentic Mallard Duck call sound each with a 1 mile range.
  • Each receiver will operate (2) launchers with the use of a 15 foot jumper cord (Launcher Extension Cable). Please refer to the top of this page to add one to your order.
  • 3 Color Battery Life Indicator. 
  • Initial Batteries included.
  • Battery charger with 5-5 splitter cable.
  • U.S. Patents.


This kit comes complete with a Hand-held Transmitter, compatible Receiver(s), Electronic Remote Release, Launcher Box(es) and Bird Cradle(s) (also referred to as a basket), Initial Batteries, Battery Charger and Operating Instructions Manual. The Battery Charger and charging cables allow you to charge both the Transmitter and Receiver at the same time. The Battery Charger is designed for a 110 volt wall outlet.

A European 220 volt AC charger is available for an extra US $14.95 all European orders. Please refer to the top of this page to include one with this purchase.

A 12-volt field charger for your automobile is also available for an extra US $14.95. Please refer to the top of this page to include one with this purchase.

Please refer to the top of this page to order just our PL alone with solenoid cable - mechanical Remote Launcher System without any of the following electronic components - the Electronic Remote Release, Hand-held Transmitter, compatible Receiver(s), Initial Batteries and Battery Charger.

Please refer to the top of this page to order just our RR Deluxe alone - our Electronic Remote Release, Hand-held Transmitter, compatible Receiver, Initial Batteries and Battery Charger without PL - Launcher Box and Bird Cradle (also referred to as a basket). The Dogtra remote release is interchangeable with most of the aftermarket launcher systems on the market today.

Please refer to the top of this page to order just an extra Receiver alone only if you already have a Remote Release system.

Please refer to the top of this page to add an External Loudspeaker to your purchase.

Please refer to the top of this page to add a Launcher Extension Cable to your purchase.

Please refer to the top of this page to add a 12-volt Field Charger for Automobiles to your purchase.




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If you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason, you may return it within 21 days for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping charge. SHIPPING AND HANDLING ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. Items displaying excessive wear are not eligible for a refund.

Dogtra Company provides the original purchaser a 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY for the Yapper Stoppers, Remote Release/Launcher Conversion, Remote Release Systems and Remote Launcher systems on parts and labor from the date of the original purchase. We highly recommend filling out the warranty registration card that comes with your Dogtra unit and mailing it in along with a copy of your receipt or registering your product online at the manufacturer's website within 30 days of purchase in order to qualify for the 1 Year Limited Warranty. If your product registration is not completed within 30 days of purchase and/or the product is resold, the 1 Year Limited Warranty will become void and all repairs will be subject to applicable labor fees.

Dogtra DOES NOT replace defective units or provide refunds after 30 days from date of purchase.

Dogtra's warranty DOES NOT cover repairs or replacement due to misuse, improper maintenance or lost units. Any water damage on models that are not waterproof (RRS & RRD) will not be covered. All replacement costs for either the transmitter or receiver are the owner's responsibility.

Batteries, or the labor to replace them, are NOT covered under the warranty after the first year.

The warranty is void if the unit has been altered or an unauthorized person has attempted repair work.

Please contact us prior to purchase at if you have any questions regarding anything about this product. This item will be shipped only after payment is confirmed.

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