PetSafe Stubborn Dog Receiver RF-275

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Receiver RF-275
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The Stubborn Dog Receiver is the most powerful pet containment receiver available anywhere.

This is the page from which to order the collar/receiver for our PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence and Pet Containment System or our PetSafe Stubborn Dog Indoor Wireless Fence independently of the rest of the system. If you already own one of these systems and are ordering an additional collar/receiver for an additional pet, then you are on the right page.


We recommend the Stubborn Dog Fence if your dog is over 30 pounds and is extremely stubborn or hard to train. The Stubborn Dog Receiver has 5 levels of correction plus vibration in the warning area for an added deterrent and a Low Battery Indicator Light to let you know when to replace the battery. You can increase or decrease the correction to meet your pet's training needs. Level 5 on the Stubborn Dog Receiver is approximately 25% stronger than level 5 on our Deluxe Ultralight Receiver. Some breeds need the Stubborn Dog Receiver even though they may not necessarily be hard to train. Our experience has been that Labs, Shepherds, Akitas and similar breeds often need the Stubborn Dog Receiver. This is usually due to these breeds being less sensitive to the correction due to thick skin and/or thick fur.


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Exclusive Features:

  • Veterinarian Recommended and Approved!
  • Lifetime Warranty on parts and one year on labor.
  • The Stubborn Dog Receiver is the most powerful pet containment receiver on the market. Features of the Stubborn Dog Receiver:
    • Safe and effective for all dogs over 30 pounds.
    • Approximate weight and size: 6.5 ounces including batteries and probes with collar strap, 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" without collar strap.
    • 5 Levels of Programmable Correction plus a vibration feature in the warning tone as an additional deterrent.
    • Level 1 is warning only with vibration - ideal for initial training or very timid pets.
    • Levels 2 through 4 are for easy or average to train pets.
    • Level 5 is for very hard to train or stubborn pets.
    • Progressive Correction - If your pet attempts to leave the yard, the receiver will automatically increase the correction level until he returns.
    • Levels are easily changed with the push of a button on the receiver.
    • ASIC Microchip - A chip the size of a match head with 3000+ filters and 256 functions for interference-free operation to prevent unwanted correction.
    • Uses a common 9 volt battery providing an average battery life of 6 to 9 months (not included). These batteries are replaceable and widely available at retail outlets.
    • Ideal for extremely hard to train dogs or dogs that are consistently breaking through the boundary and need a stronger receiver.
    • Waterproof.
    • Low Battery Indicator Light lets you know when the batteries need replacing. The #1 cause of pets leaving a containment system are weak or dead batteries.


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AcornPetCo is a PetSafe Authorized Dealer.  Buy with Confidence!



If you are ordering one or more of our Stubborn Dog Fence system collar/receivers independently, then you are on the right page.

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