Innotek LP-4100-1 Lightning Protection Module

Innotek LP-4100-1 Lightning Protection Module
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Most people do not know it but the fact is that lightning damage and power surges are the #1 reason for fence system failures. The electrically powered containment transmitter (which comes with each of our fence systems) does itself have some limited surge protection built into it but this protection is simply a couple of fuses that will help against mild surges coming through the household electric wiring. The real threat comes from the boundary wire in your yard! You may want to consider our Innotek LP-4100-1 Lightning Protection Module especially if you live in an area that is highly prone to lightning or surges.



Exclusive Features:

  • Protect or Disconnectâ„¢ Circuitry - In the event of a rare catastrophic surge, such as a massive direct lightning strike, it disconnects the transmitter.
  • Protects Against AC Power Surges and Lightning - Specifically designed for use with all PetSafe and Innotek electronic pet containment systems with protection for the AC Adapter and transmitter loop wire.
  • Increased Surge Current Ratings - The protector has a larger capacity to dissipate surges.
  • Reduces the Risk of a System Failure - Protects the transmitter so it can continue to keep your pet inside the designated safety zone.
  • Space Saving Design - Low profile unit plugs directly into the wall. The transformer plugs into the side of the unit for better balance and stability. There is even an extra convenience outlet.
  • Better Loop Connectors - Easier to attach the loop wires to the unit.
  • 1-Year Product Warranty - The lightning module will be free of any defects in design, materials or workmanship. We will repair or replace any defective product within one year including shipping each way. After the first year, each new Innotek LP-4100-1 comes with a 90-day warranty.


The boundary wire in your yard acts like a giant antenna drawing in any current transmitted through the ground during a lightning strike, even if that strike is hundreds of yards away. Every time an electrical storm passes by, the air and ground are electrically charged. At the very least, small surges will constantly travel up the wire and directly into the fence causing system failure over time. In the worst case, a direct lightning strike within even 50 yards can send enough of a surge through the boundary wire to literally blow the fence transmitter to pieces - not a pretty sight. While the protection built into your home as well as your fence transmitter will provide some protection against surges coming through your household wiring, none of that will stop the surge that comes through the boundary wire. The Innotek LP-4100-1 Lightning Protection Module was designed specifically for this purpose. It not only enhances protection against any surge that may come through your household wiring but it also specifically protects against any surge that comes through the boundary wire out in your yard, giving you peace of mind and dramatically extending the life of your fence system. If lightning does strike your fence, this module will protect it. The module comes with a 1-year warranty. Your fence will still work after a lightning strike with this module as only the module will have to be replaced at no cost. Innotek will even send you out a pre-paid shipping label. The Innotek LP-4100-1 Lightning Protection Module solves all surge problems and does it convincingly. We have heard stories from customers who had a direct lightning strike that took out their TV, refrigerator, garage door opener and melted the boundary wires to the Innotek LP-4100-1 yet the entire fence system still worked fine.

Your PetSafe or Innotek system has a lifetime warranty which works as follows: The purchaser receives a lifetime warranty on parts and a one year warranty on labor. Translated - For the first year, if anything goes wrong with the fence transmitter or receiver, PetSafe or Innotek will replace it free of charge. After the first year, they will charge a labor fee as high as $35 to replace the damaged component. By the time you package up the system and ship it to the manufacturer and pay for shipping, then wait for them to return it, you are out the money plus the 10 to 14 days that it takes for the new system to arrive. During this time, your system is down and your pet is unable to go into the yard unattended. The Innotek LP-4100-1 will eliminate this headache completely. If your system goes down due to the Innotek LP-4100-1 being damaged, simply remove the wires from it and plug them directly into the fence. Then contact Innotek and make arrangements to send the damaged Innotek LP-4100-1 to them for replacement. You will have complete use of the fence while you await the arrival or your new Innotek LP-4100-1 and there are no additional charges.



Free Toll-free Technical Support from Manufacturer After Purchase.

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