Pet Fence Indoor Wireless for Dogs and Cats

Pet Fence Indoor Wireless for Dogs and Cats

Let Your Pet Run...But Not Run Away!™

Our PetSafe Indoor Wireless Pet Fence is safe, easy to set up and very effective.

PetSafe is the #1 Pet Fence System in the World! Our Indoor Wireless Pet Fences outsell all the other brands combined! In fact, 8 out of 10 people buy a PetSafe brand pet fence over any other.

Your pet wants to be free. You want him/her to be safe. Now you can both be happy.

With a PetSafe pet containment system, your pet can roam – and you can relax, knowing he’s as safe as he is happy. More than just a barrier, PetSafe pet containment systems actually help train your pet.

Using a magnetic field and safe, mild static corrections combined with a warning beep, our pet containment systems help your pet learn which areas are for playing and which are off-limits.

PetSafe pet containment system are NOT solid barriers. The systems are designed to act as a deterrent to remind pets by stimulation to remain within the boundary established. It is important that you reinforce training with your pet on a regular basis.

If you're looking for a pet fence, make sure it's a PetSafe Fence For Cats & Dogs. PetSafe... Don't Trust Your Pet's Safety to Anything Less!

Control your pet inside your home with our PetSafe Indoor Wireless Pet Fence. The Indoor Wireless Pet Fence is a simple to operate indoor pet containment system designed to keep pets away from designated areas specified by the user. This system can be used to keep your pet away from a certain room, away from a sofa, table top, etc. by simply placing the transmitter near the doorway or under the sofa. Although the transmitter is designed for indoor use, it can be used in a garage or under a covered patio where a 110 outlet is accessible.

Just place the small, disk-shaped transmitter (about the size of a Frisbee) near the area you want to protect. The transmitter plugs into a standard outlet and emits a radio signal which is picked up by the lightweight receiver worn on your pet's collar. The range adjustment dial (also ON/OFF switch) determines the distance from the boundary that the receiver will pick up the signal. The range is adjustable from 2 feet to over 10 feet in each direction from the disk depending on the surface the transmitter is on. Adjusting the dial to the right will increase the signal range. When your pet gets near the signal, a warning beep sounds on the receiver worn on your pet's collar. Your pet responds to the transmitter’s stimulation through 2 contact points on the receiver collar that touch your pet’s neck. If your pet continues to approach the protected area, he or she receives a mild static correction which is startling but not harmful.

Each PetSafe Indoor Wireless Pet Fence kit is good for as many pets as you have. You will just need an extra receiver for each additional pet. You can contain an unlimited number of pets with this fence system as long as each has his/her own collar/receiver.

You can set up as many separate protected areas as you need in separate parts of your home. All you will need is one of our IRF-100M Indoor Pet Fence Transmitters for each area to be protected. The same collar/receivers are compatible with each IRF-100M Indoor Wireless Pet Fence Transmitter (as well as with our outdoor Pet Fence Transmitters) no matter if your pets run from one protected area on one side of your house to another on the other side or on a different level or even outside of the house for that matter if you have one of our outdoor Pet Fence systems in place.

Each IRF-100M Indoor Pet Fence Transmitter can be set for a different range from as little as a 2 foot radius to up to a 10 foot radius which equals a 20 foot diameter. The radio signal will also travel through walls including brick.

Why should you buy PetSafe Products?

PetSafe receivers utilize the sophistication of a custom, proprietary Application Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC. The ASIC amplifies and conditions the coded magnetic signal sent from the wire containment loop. In addition, the ASIC filters extraneous noise and unwanted signals, eliminating any possibility of your pet receiving a false correction. Our competitors do not have this feature. Once the signal is filtered and received, it is passed on to the Digital Signal processing section of the ASIC. Here, the logic circuits determine the appropriate action. Warning tone and corrections are delivered to the pet at the correct time. PetSafe receivers are designed to be "Fail-Safe". This means that in any possible failure mode, the pet will be free from harm. Correction levels are controlled by the ASIC and the design of the transformer/battery combination. The number of corrections is controlled by the ASIC's timing circuitry and restricts corrections past a pre-set number of seconds. PetSafe strives every day to create cutting edge products and customer service that is second to none. Our goal is to help you to keep your Pet Safe at home.

More people buy PetSafe pet training products than any other brand because PetSafe products are:

On the cutting edge of technology - PetSafe will invest over $4.5 Million on Research and Development this year alone plus an additional $2 Million on a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art pet training and behavior center which opened in June 2003. Nobody knows more about pets or pet training than PetSafe!

Superior in quality (all products are manufactured in ISO9002 certified factories).

Rated a Best Buy by Consumers Guide!

The only pet containment systems in the world that are FCC, UL AND CE rated. No other company has been able to qualify for all three of these ratings.

As the world leader in Electronic Pet Training, PetSafe is able to offer products for much less than their competitors plus they back every product with a *Lifetime Warranty and a No Questions Asked 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

PetSafe has a Lifetime Warranty on parts and one year on labor. If your unit cannot be repaired, PetSafe may replace it with new or reconditioned merchandise. There is a nominal labor charge for out of warranty products but all parts are free during the warranty period.

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