PetSafe/SportDog Shock Collars

PetSafe/SportDog Shock Collars

Remote Training Shock Collars consist of 2 main components: a Receiver that comes attached to an all-weather Collar and a Hand-held Remote Control Transmitter that sends signals to the Receiver.

Remote Training Shock Collars are designed to assist in the training and the behavior modification of your dog. You control the Transmitter and its training signals (static shock) sending corrective action to your dog’s Receiver Collar in order to reinforce obedience commands and stop unwanted behaviors. Your dog will quickly learn to avoid the corrective signals by eliminating bad behaviors and by listening to your commands!

At the push of a button, the Hand-held Remote Transmitter sends a signal activating the Receiver Collar to deliver a harmless stimulation. Using a Remote Trainer consistently and correctly, many misbehaviors that your pet exhibits such as digging, chewing on furniture, jumping on guests or barking can be corrected and any basic obedience commands such as the "come" and "sit" commands can be taught. With proper training, a dog will learn to associate this correction signal with a command even when off the leash.

A complete, comprehensive training manual comes with each of our Remote Trainers to show you how to properly use the Remote Trainer to make training a fun and rewarding experience for both the pet and the pet owner. These models all feature adjustable stimulation levels so you can tailor the stimulation level to your dog’s temperament thereby eliminating the risk of overcorrection.

If you're looking for a Remote Trainer, make sure it's a PetSafe Remote Trainer. PetSafe... Don't Trust Your Pet's Safety to Anything Less!

SportDog is a division of PetSafe. Why should you buy PetSafe Products?

PetSafe receivers utilize the sophistication of a custom, proprietary Application Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC. The ASIC amplifies and conditions the coded magnetic signal sent from the wire containment loop. In addition, the ASIC filters extraneous noise and unwanted signals, eliminating any possibility of your pet receiving a false correction. Our competitors do not have this feature. Once the signal is filtered and received, it is passed on to the Digital Signal processing section of the ASIC. Here, the logic circuits determine the appropriate action. Warning tone and corrections are delivered to the pet at the correct time. PetSafe receivers are designed to be "Fail-Safe". This means that in any possible failure mode, the pet will be free from harm. Correction levels are controlled by the ASIC and the design of the transformer/battery combination. The number of corrections is controlled by the ASIC's timing circuitry and restricts corrections past a pre-set number of seconds. PetSafe strives every day to create cutting edge products and customer service that is second to none. Our goal is to help you to keep your Pet Safe at home.

More people buy PetSafe pet training products than any other brand because PetSafe products are:


On the cutting edge of technology - PetSafe will invest over $4.5 Million on Research and Development this year alone plus an additional $2 Million on a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art pet training and behavior center which opened in June 2003. Nobody knows more about pets or pet training than PetSafe!

Superior in quality (all products are manufactured in ISO9002 certified factories).

Rated a Best Buy by Consumers Guide!

The only pet containment systems in the world that are FCC, UL AND CE rated. No other company has been able to qualify for all three of these ratings.

As the world leader in Electronic Pet Training, PetSafe is able to offer products for much less than their competitors plus they back every product with a *Lifetime Warranty and a No Questions Asked 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

PetSafe has a Lifetime Warranty on parts and one year on labor. If your unit cannot be repaired, PetSafe may replace it with new or reconditioned merchandise. There is a nominal labor charge for out of warranty products but all parts are free during the warranty period.

What type of hunting do you do?

Upland Game
If you live for the rush of a flushing pheasant or covey of quail bursting out of cover, PetSafe has just what you need to make your upland hunting experiences even better.

If waterfowling is your preference, PetSafe offers a product line designed especially for the water dog and waterfowl hunters.

Rabbit, Coon, Cougar or Bear
The sound of a beagle's or hound's bawl when it finds the scent makes any hunter's heart race. You probably already know your dog can be your best friend when after game or it can be your worse nightmare if it picks up the scent of a deer and takes chase. PetSafe has just the trainer you need.

Our Remote Training Shock Collars are designed to help dog owners deter unwanted behaviors from a distance. They can be used to control and deter any misbehavior that you see your dog exhibiting by using the transmitter to send a clear signal to the receiver worn by your dog. After a few corrections your pet will begin to avoid the misbehavior. Eventually the same effect can be achieved once your pet associates the tone with the correction by using the negative tone only.

Almost all behaviors exhibited by your dog are "normal" dog behaviors. When a dog barks at the mailman, runs after a jogger, jumps on a visitor or digs a hole in the backyard, he is simply "acting like a dog". Unfortunately, these normal behaviors can sometimes become excessive or occur at the wrong time. In many cases, these "problem" behaviors may even result in damage to your property, accidental injury to others or even in harm to your dog. Therefore, included with each PetSafe training system is a comprehensive training manual to guide you through the training process. Each training system is created to help dog owners deter unwanted behaviors from a distance.

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