Wireless Pet Fence For Cats And Small Dogs

PetSafe Stay And Play Electronic Wireless Pet Fence For Dogs And Cats Over 5 Pounds

Electronic Dog Fence

Finally a Wireless Electronic Pet Fence for Cats

The recent introduction of the new PetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Electronic Pet Fence PIF00-12917 For Dogs And Cats Over 5 Pounds offers a wireless dog fencing option which has been proven safe, comfortable and effective for pets over 5 pounds and that includes cats.

Although wired systems are less costly for outdoor pet containment, we understand that many pet owners long for the portability and ease of set up of a wireless pet fence. Until the recent release of the new PetSafe Stay And Play Electronic Fence however, the only outdoor use system offering these advantages had been our PetSafe Instant Electronic Fence Wireless Fence PIF-300 For Dogs Over 8 Pounds which has been proven safe, comfortable and effective for pets over 8 pounds.

Each of these systems offers the convenience of not having to lay out or bury boundary wire as is the case with our wired systems. Many prospective pet fence buyers are afraid that installing a wired system will be too time and labor intensive and of course there is no understating the convenience of the ‘plug and play’ functionality of a wireless system, of being able to just pick it up and carry it with you when traveling for example and bring your dog(s) or cat(s) with you. You can set one up almost anywhere including in the wilderness by using a DC to AC Inverter which plugs into the cigarette lighter of your RV, etc. effectively turning it into a powerful wall outlet.

The Instant Fence Collar PIF-275-19 weight is approximately 2.5 ounces with strap, batteries and probes which is of course super light but its drawback has always been that it was considered to be too bulky for a cat to carry around so we never felt comfortable recommending the Instant Fence for cats. We have had many inquires over the years from cat owners looking for a wireless solution and we always wished we had a pet fence to offer to cat owners who would really rather order a wireless system. Now though, with the release of the Stay And Play, we feel confident that we can offer a great outdoor wireless Electronic dog fence option for smaller dogs and even cats because the Stay and Play collar is designed for pets that weigh as little as 5 pounds and have a neck size as narrow as 6 inches. It is 21% smaller than the Instant Fence collar with a sleeker design which compensates for its weighing in at a slightly heavier 3.1 ounces. The Stay And Play collar is completely waterproof and equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be fully recharged in 2 to 3 hours by opening a port under the collar strap and the charge lasts around 2 weeks. A charger is included with the kit. The Instant Fence collar’s batteries need to be replaced periodically.

We have cat owners ordering and keeping the Stay And Play so, if the circumference of a cat’s neck measures 6? or less and the cat weighs at least 5 pounds, then that cat should be a good candidate for this system.

Of course, as with every item in our online pet store, the Stay And Play does come with a money back guarantee so a customer may ship it back to the warehouse if it does not meet his or her expectations and only be responsible for the cost of shipping back and forth. For more information, please call (800) 318-9039 or send an e-mail to help@acornpetco.com.


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